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RE: Illustrating with Miniatures!

In December of 2012, I introduced authors to several new methods for illustrating their OWN children's books. One of the methods I shared at that time was using photos of toys to create illustrations. That photo method later led to my popular “Viking Kids” photo series the following year when Miniatures captured my imagination!

I didn't realize it at the time just how much positive impact that single strategy would have on SO MANY people. Since then, I've shared numerous other illustration methods that have enabled authors to illustrate their own books, EVEN if they have no art experience whatsoever. But I ALWAYS come back to miniatures. 

Out of ALL illustration methods I've demonstrated over the years, I've found that using Miniatures provides the most flexible illustration options of all. And the BEST part of using them is that ANYONE (yes even you) can use them to create professional-looking illustrations!

Using Miniatures in Photos Isn’t Exactly New...
Movie directors discovered the power of using miniatures as early as 1897 in the stop-motion animated short film made by director and producer J. Stuart Blackton and Albert E. Smith titled The Humpty Dumpty Circus. In 1902, French director, Georges Méliès, incorporated miniatures in his movie, Le Voyage dans la Lune (A Trip to the Moon). In the years that followed, well-known movies like, Metropolis (1927), King Kong (1933), Citizen Kane (1941), Godzilla (1954) and even The Ten Commandments (1956) ALL made use of miniatures in their productions.

The BEST benefit about this strategy, however, is that you don't need Hollywood budgets to make this work! You simply need an idea for a story, a few miniatures and a camera (or smartphone).

In 2015 I introduced the use of miniatures in illustration in a big way with my foundational training, Easy Book Illustrations: Miniatures. Since that time, much has changed in terms of technology, software and miniatures. The publishing market has ALSO changed with new types of books coming on the scene every year!
It’s Time for a Miniatures Reboot and to Introduce NEW Techniques!
Ongoing experimenting with new types of miniatures along with new, popular publishing styles has led to some pretty amazing discoveries for creating amazing illustrations! All four illustrations above are a SMALL sample of some of the new strategies I've figured out. For instance, the warrior in the top left photo was created from a micro miniature only 1 inch high. The ship interior top right is another micro miniature less than 3 inches tall! The characters in the bottom two illustrations? All MINIATURES!

I've found that the REAL secret to amazing success is hidden in discovering the RIGHT combination of miniatures, camera and software. Oh, BTW, all the above were shot with my phone!

My “Muse” and Inspiration – Graphic Novels!..
I don't know if you noticed this but one of the fastest growing segments of books right now is the 6 - 8 year-old market and especially with Graphic Novels. As a matter of fact, SOME of these books are SO popular, they are in the top 50 books on Amazon (including the #1 spot as of this writing). Graphic Novels take on many forms but are primarily illustration some cases like mini-comics but with more pages.

Until now, if you wanted to write Graphic Novels, it meant hiring an illustrator and paying a TON of money! Most of the illustration styles used in those are nearly impossible to recreate digitally...UNLESS you've spent years figuring them out. I have! And I want to show you how to create them!

While testing some of these new techniques, I made some additional “badass” discoveries along the way. I am going to show you how to create those as well! Here is what I know don't know what you don't know until you KNOW IT!
Introducing...“Illustrate With Miniatures”
In this 4-Module LIVE Training Webinar training series, you will discover:

Module One: Scene-Building with Micro Miniatures
One of the coolest discoveries I've made with miniatures is using micro-miniatures to build scenes. You might be tempted to think that smaller should mean more challenges, but I've found the opposite to be true. In this module I'll reveal the scoop on micro-miniatures: where to find them, how to easily create them yourself, the best ways to photograph them for your book illustrations and more!

Module Two: Miniature Blanks & Other Custom Options
One of the challenges I've encountered when it comes to miniatures is finding characters that fit my vision for the illustrations. Over the past years or two, character blanks have increased in availability so that you can easily create your OWN characters based on existing, “blank” designs. I'll share the best sources and options available to you, what to do with them once you've found them and more!

Module Three: Storytelling With Pictures 
They say a picture is worth a thousand words...and it's probably true. Many books for Young Readers rely heavily on the pictures to tell the's an “art.” In this module we will discuss the best approach to communicating your story visually using the miniatures-based illustration methods we are exploring in this series! We will dig into picture sequencing, using dialog where it matters most and much more!

Module Four: New Photo-to-Illustration Workflows.
In this wrap-up module, we will dive deep into the BEST illustration workflows to get specific results for illustrated books. Whether you want to create children's books, graphic novels or other illustration-based products, these new step-by-step, beginner-friendly methods will serve you well! The styles we will be exploring are based on some of the most popular illustration examples in use right now!

BONUS: Designing Miniature Set Scenes Video ($47 Value).
This awesome bonus is an excerpt from the EBI: Scene Builders training I offered a while back and focuses on creating new worlds, inside and out. During the training I share my secret "stash" locations for finding set goodies, offer some great examples of what you can create on a shoestring budget and much more!

BONUS: Illustration Kickstart PDF ($27 Value).
This is a packed, 137-page PDF that breaks down all the core, foundational information you need for illustrating your own children's book. I love this book! It contains great teaching, step-by-step examples, case studies and more! This is one you definitely want to print out and keep next to you at all times!

NEWLY ADDED BONUS: Planning Story Illustrations Video ($47 Value).
This NEW Bonus is an exclusive module from the “Creative Publishing Academy” series. In it I talk about the Freedom and Confines of Creating Your Own Illustrations, Layout Planning Guidelines, Scene Planning and the Beauty of Flexibility and Much More!

NEWLY ADDED BONUS: Miniature Sets ($47 Value).
This NEW Bonus is an exclusive module from the “Creative Publishing Academy” series. You will discover: Making Space for Miniatures, Using Off-the-Shelf Items to Build Your Scenes, The Best Places to Locate Miniatures, The Types of Available Set Items to Look For and Much More!
If I were to tally up the countless hours it has taken me to figure out, test and perfect these methods shared in this training, it would literally be in the thousands of hours. And, it would be impossible to put a price tag on that investment of time, energy and experience. But here's the thing...I want to SAVE you all that time and effort! You deserve to be able to hit the ground running with your book ideas! So here is what I'm going to do for you today...

This is easily a $197 course (more than DOUBLE that counting the bonuses!). That's less than $50 per module and that's crazy cheap! At that price it would be a smart investment for you. But I want to make it a NO-BRAINER that ANYONE can afford to take advantage of. For the next few days...during the initial rollout of this brand-new training...I am going to shave $130 off the reasonable $197 price! Instead of investing the FULL amount of $197, you will be able to get in with all the live training, replays, bonuses and more for a mere $67!
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   • BONUS: Illustration Kickstart PDF
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